The new generation of VIRIDO® watering hoses reduces the water consumption for watering acreage and other cultivation areas, public parks, gardens and lawns and outdoor sport facilities like golf courses by up to 70 % of the normal water consumption, while simultaneously increasing growth, strength, qualtiy and improving yield.


VIRIDO® is a highly advanced porous hose technology for subterranean (hypogean) application that submits the resource water effectively to the plant root. This process can be exactly regulated  electronically and automated with the help of electronic sensors and is remotely controllable.

The plant root can virtually „smell“ the moist soil and thus generates an enormous surface growth which in turn enables optimum nutrient uptake. For enhanced growth effects organic nutrients and fertilizing agents can be submitted with the water through the hose.


VIRIDO® is suitable for every kind of cultivated area. Crops, plantations, lawns, gardening, public parks, sport fields and golf courses. There is a highly effectiv VIRIDO® watering solution for every use.


With its water saving potential of 70% not only regions with little amounts of precipitation will profit. Even with lower water saving potential in regions with medium precipitation short periods of droughts can be balanced out and with the optimised growth results productivity increases substantially.


VIRIDO® is an advanced hypogean watering hose technolgy devoped by SERVA and is based on years of research in its specific composition of materials, the manufacturing process, it’s controlling system and it’s enhanced nutrient supply system.


VIRIDO® is a next generation CleanTech technologie!





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